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Fine silver jewellery, inspired by nature, crafted by hand

Environmentally friendly jewellery using reclaimed silver, recycled into 99.9% fine silver 

About Silver Embers

The Artist Jan Furlan


I  moved to Gippsland in 2008 and immediately fell  in love with the rolling hills and beautiful beaches In the area. They have continued to inspire me to express myself creatively. I have always been involved with ceramics, with clay being my chosen medium for many years. Imagine my excitement when I discovered precious metal clay, a clay made of recycled silver that  was tactile and flexible yet when fired, became 99.9% pure fine silver. Pure magic!

Environmentally Friendly

My unique pendants are made from a fine silver clay that is manufactured from reclaimed silver from cell phones, computers, scrap jewellery and industrial waste so are very environmentally friendly. 
The pure silver is ground into a fine powder and combined with an organic binder and water to make it pliable. Once the clay has been formed and textured, it is fired and the binder is burnt off to leave 99.9% fine silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver And 7.5% copper which is why it tarnishes when exposed to the air. Fine silver Is tarnish resistant and because of its purity is less likely  to interact badly with your skin.

My Guarantee


I pride myself on the uniqueness of my designs and know that you will feel special owning a piece of jewellery that will be a talking point every time you wear it out. I guarantee the quality of my work and am easily contacted should you need help with any problems that arise or have any questions. If you have an idea that you think will translate well into fine silver, please contact me and we can discuss a commission.

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